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Renfield Press
One day, Adam grew tired of the tedious process of sending out his work to others. Then he decided to take matters into his own hands. Then he realized that he didn't understand how to run a business. And that's where Chad comes in. They are a yin-yang of creative and pragmatic.

Renfield Press is a new publishing house that is meant to be as eclectic as Adam and Chad's interests.

The name Renfield Press is derived from the amount of plasma that was sold to raise money for starting our own publishing house.

We will be publishing a quarterly collection of short stories, novels and children's stories with a few others in between.

Adam J. Williams

Adam was named after a comic book character, The Atom. Pretty much, he was destined to be a writer because he never fully developed his super powers. He grew up reading comic books, science fiction and Michael Crichton. Adam earned English and Cinema degrees at the University of Iowa. After working as a store manager at Blockbuster Video and working in the hospital world, he decided to stay home and play pretend in the Austin, Texas area. His phone can't decide if he works at his kids' school or the plasma center.

Chad Harlow

Chad is a lawyer that likes to read.

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