Thursday, March 2, 2017

Literary e-clectic: Lost & Found

The Literary e-clectic is a quarterly magazine that every issue is the same, only different. Each quarter has a different theme that the stories adhere to. 

In Adam J. Williams’ The Field, a former professional athlete gets lost in a corn maze that he designed. 

Patricia Correll’s The Woodcutter tells a familiar tale from an unfamiliar perspective. 

Evelyn Deshane’s Magda Mayfly follows X as he strives for gender neutrality for himself while drawing from an unsolved transgender murder case. 

Brittany Rohm’s Hitchhiking in Middle Earth, a woman, traveling New Zealand solo, trying to disconnect from the world, finds herself alone in a car with a convict. 

In Daniel Miller’s Hindsight, a couple finds themselves at an exclusive and mysterious club with a life-changing opportunity. 

At the Literary e-clectic, we don’t care if the stories are fiction or non-fiction or what type of genre that they may fall into. What we care about is having good stories.

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  1. Why have I never come across these type of magazine before? Do they contain essay writing? If so, I would really love to order one. In urgent need of the magazine.